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The Niagara Falls International Marathon – Oct 2015

Trek and Run were supported during this event by; Salba Chia  Columbia Sportswear & Helly Hansen Words by Tim Sweeney, Trevor Murphy and Dave Wise First up, here’s a short video we shot during the event, to give you an idea of the course and atmosphere. Dave - This event starts in the USA and finishes in Canada so my first thoughts when deciding to do it was, how is the visa situation and border crossing going to work? I have a British passport and a Canadian Permanent Resident card but…

The New York Marathon, U.S.A., by Kev Betts

The New York Marathon was held on Sunday 6th November, 2011. Here’s a review of the event. Taking part in the New York marathon has always been a dream of mine. Well I say always – ever since I ran my first marathon three years ago. But it’s been a race I have loved for a long time, as I have always loved to watch it on TV. I have vivid memories of Paula Radcliffe storming to win in 2004, taking the victory by only 4 seconds from Susan Chepkemei….