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The Amsterdam Marathon, Netherlands

By Rachel Bednarski After receiving yet another rejection magazine from the London Marathon ballot last October, I finally decided it was time to relinquish my dream of running London as my first Marathon. Then in Novemeber I found out I had a place to study my Master’s at the University of Amsterdam and my mind was made up for me – The Amsterdam Marathon would be the marathon where I would make my début, the flat course seemed perfect for a first time marathoner. I visited the expo the Thursday…

The 2013 Amsterdam Half Marathon

by Marco Lunich On the 20th October, 2013 I ran the Amsterdam half-marathon. It was my first time in a competition on that distance (I usually run 10ks), so I probably did a lot of rookie mistakes. I met with a friend two hours before the race started to visit the area. The marathon was already on and we were passed by the first finishers on our way to the Olympic compound where the start was. The weather was absolutely ideal with around 14/15 degrees Celsius and slowly getting warmer….