The Fall Angus Glen Race Weekend 5k – Nov 4th 2017

The Trek and Run Team were supported during this event by;

Kusaga Athletic

Salba Chia


There are a selection of distances to choose from at the Fall Angus Glen Race Weekend that takes place on a golf course just outside of Toronto. There’s an Apple Creek Kids K, a 5K, 10K and a Ten Miler. Virgil took on the 5k, this is what he thought of it. 

This delightful small community, family friendly race on a picturesque golf course offers a stark contrast to the big, corporate races that I often take part in and it was good to be back at the event this year after volunteering at it in the past. My ankle was still tender from a hiking trip accident and with the Hamilton Marathon on the cards for me the next day, I was going to take a cautious approach on this 5k.

Pickup of race kit went smoothly and I headed out to the start line and took in a Tim Horton’s latte to warm myself up.


With a 4°C start, it was  a cold one but I braved it with a short sleeve shirt and shorts. There has been many a time in the past where I regretted wearing too much clothing and overheating as a result, but not today. 


After the couple of jumping jack exercises we were ready to go. I was one of the last runners to cross the start line as we headed into the infamous rolling hills in the forest that separate the golfing fairways and greens. I felt good as I passed runner after runner and had to slow down at several bottlenecks. I wasn’t too worried as I wasn’t running for time, just to enjoy myself.




My ankle didn’t complain too much as I leaned into a forward toe push off on the many short, steeper sections of the hills. Winding our way past the clubhouse we led a parade through the first eight golf holes on the course, including a quick water station at the midpoint of the race. I was having fun and before I knew it I was already approaching the 4 km sign. There was a young girl who I fixed in my eye line and tried my best to catch but she was just too fast for me and I finished just behind her. A fireman in uniform handed out medals at the finish and I drank like a fish at the station and picked up a muffin. 




This race is known for its generous sponsors and this year was no exception. A big triple pack of body wash was hiding in the race swag bag, along with an assortment of other bathroom products.


Normally I don’t like running 5k events as I take them on as full speed, zone 5 efforts from the get go with no time to get accustomed and slowly ramp up efforts. But since I was doing this as a tempo run and reserving energy for the next day’s marathon it allowed me to appreciate the scenery more and I enjoyed taking pictures as I went that showed off the beauty of the golf course. I’m definitely coming back for more next year and I suggest you do the same! Take note, all of the Angus Glen events sell out early so if you want to take part, sign up asap.

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