The Grand Caledonia Half Marathon – Oct 7th 2017

The Trek and Run Team were supported during this event by;

Kusaga Athletic

Salba Chia


Dave ran as usual, Virgil ran in a Mudfish costume!

Dave – The Grand Caledonia Half Marathon course winds through some built up areas but also lots of rolling country roads and a fair few kms of lovely trail along the Grand River. It’s a hilly, pretty course taking in lovely Ontario countryside at the peak of Harvest time. Here’s a map of the course and a view from it, near the start line.



The event is capped at 200 participants and everybody got a decent long sleeve hoodie and a fun medal (with a tartan ribbon to reflect the area’s Scottish heritage), as well as locally-made pie, organic bananas, protein bars, water and coffee to refuel afterwards.



The start line had a fun atmosphere, good music and an over-sized mascot high fiving everyone.


There were 4 or 5 aid stations, each stocked with water and electrolyte, and the station at the 10km distance also had gels. The route was easy to follow and there were plenty of volunteers pointing out the route where needed. I ran hard and did the best I could, finishing in 1:37, about 9 minutes off my PB.

Now, it’s true to say that I was tired from a 25km trail race the week before and that it was super humid/hot weather to be running in but it’s also fair to say that this is probably not going to be a race in which you’ll set a personal best time as there are too many hills for that to happen. It is, however, a race where you’ll be up against some great runners – the winner finished in around 1:23 which on this course was a very good time – and it’s a very friendly event too with great volunteers and a full range of prizes for overall winners and age group winners.



Virgil – I ran as a fish, here’s my report!!!

Holy mackerel! Muddy the Mudcat had a swimmingly awesome fish ‘n’ chips day navigating the downstream and upstream currents along the Grand River at the Grand Caledonia Half Marathon & 5k, drinking the best pond water ever offered at aid stations, and even negative split the second half of the course just for the halibut – reeling in salmon after salmon.

Muddy brought earphones initially but chose not to swim with them in order to tuna out the bass. Was it humid? You betta! The outrageously wilting weather made Muddy think he smelt crappie at times and maybe even feel a little eel. Many speedy swordfish turned into plodding mudcats!

The thought of cheesecake and pumpkin pie was the *sole* reason that kept this aquatic vertebrate from flounder-ing. Sailfish-ing through to the fin-ish line was enthralling, Muddy knew he cod do it.

After the race winners and age garoupa were announced, Muddy was goby-smacked and saury that he missed winning a prize draw because his bib was off by one digit – a total red herring. Come race this next year, you’ll have a whale of a time!

If you don’t want to feel like a fish out of water, do what the smart fish do and wear Kusaga Athletic, their tech shirts performed like a champ (even when worn under fish suits). Powered by Salba Smart. Registration for 2018 Whole Health Mudcat Marathon Weekend is open already, Muddy will be there. Come out for a Mother’s Day run.

Check out the Grand Caledonia website here! -

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