Five Films

During the lead up to the Marathon des Sables, I travelled from Toronto to London, then to Rome, and Paris before flying to Morocco. There were 3 races in as many weeks and a great many fascinating friends. I took a little video footage of experiences that interested me as I went. I thought of making it into one long film but having done that and seen it come out at nearly three and a half hours, I knew if I wanted anybody to watch it I had to somehow cut it down. Or make separate films.

I’ve tried to keep it real. Obviously if they were films that were 100% trying to relay the travelling experience there’d be a great deal of sitting around in airports and bus stations shown, for that is the reality of travel and I dare say always has been in one way or another. There are also tens if not hundreds of stories to be told within the same set of footage; the video files are like the marble blocks that Michelangelo chiseled into ‘The Prisoners,’ they were waiting there all along, eager to be freed, although a different hammer stroke, a different edit, would shift their perspective and feeling.


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