Color Me Rad Toronto – May 2017


Pamela – Despite weather warnings of rain, the Color Me Rad event turned out to be a fun, sunny affair; which was perfectly fitting for its colourful nature.

It was mother’s day weekend and I was happy to be attending this with two of my children. I loved the activity, participation and fitness focus of this event, it really encourages younger people to start running. Many events have a performance focus, and that has a place too, but I’m glad that we were all encouraged to just get out there and have fun – and we sure did!

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The event was located in Downsview park, at the north end of Toronto. It was easy to access on public transport and we had no problem finding the starting line, it was in view of where the Keele bus dropped us off. In the warm up area there were some giveaways and a fun dance routine to follow while we waited for the run to start. Everyone was getting into the spirit, taking selfies while spraying colour – fun!!

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Before long we were at the starting line, waiting to get doused in even more colour! This was my first Color Me Rad event and I was not sure what to expect. It turns out there are 5 or 6 music colour stations around the 5km long course, where you get covered in different coloured powder! So, every few minutes you come upon a new station where you get absolutely covered, and, I mean covered!


You can see the colour floating up into the air a long way ahead, it feels so festive, and helps to build anticipation and encourage you to keep moving around the course.

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The stations also have music and a party atmosphere. Every one of the volunteers was generous with the colour and I was like a rainbow by the time I made my way towards the finish line.



The thing I liked best about this run was the fact that it was so inclusive and I saw so many people in their teens and twenties out there on the course. That is not true at many races, and I thought the fact that this was an event rather than a race made people feel that it was inclusive and fun and not intimidating. I was really happy to have my kids participate for the fun of it, and not worry too much about their time.


Ultimately, I believe that a focus on fitness, fun and participation rather than performance will allow more people to enjoy running and walking and will help us all be healthier. Color Me Rad made a run feel like a party, and that is pretty cool!

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