The Angus Glen Half Marathon – Nov 2015

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Words by Trevor Murphy and Dave Wise

First up, here’s a short video we shot during the event, to give you an idea of the course and atmosphere.

How was the pre-race experience?

Trevor – We didn’t visit the expo for this particular race, however they do have a website that had all the pertinent info needed to know where to go and what to do on race day.

Dave – The pre race emails – there were 3 of them – were comprehensive and told us everything we needed to know.

The golf club venue was a short drive from central Toronto, about 20 minutes in all, and parking was well signed, free and about a 10 minute walk from the clubhouse/start line. We picked up our race numbers and goodie bags (which included a fun “I can’t keep calm it’s race day” long sleeved shirt) on the morning of the race with no hassle at all and got changed in the spacious locker rooms. It was a superb pre-race experience.

VIRB Picture

And how was the course?

Trevor - Hills, hills and more hills. None of the hills were very steep or very long, but you did feel like you were either going up or down one for much of the race. The scenery in that area is quite nice, with rural roads, nice fields and houses surrounding them and the sections on the golf course were just amazing, if not slightly more challenging due to some steeper, but short hills.

Dave – I’d been told by a few local running friends that this event was very hilly and that you should add several minutes onto your personal best time but I didn’t find this last advice to be true in my case. Sure, there were hills and I lost some time on them, especially at the scenic but undulating 2km section that went through the golf course, but what I lost on these I made sure I gained on the downhills that always followed. The final 2km was especially fast as it rolled gently downhill back to the golf course clubhouse finish line. I was happy to finish in 14th place and a personal best time of 1:30.

Apart from the golf course section, and the first 4km which was mostly residential, the route was along wide, well surfaced tarmac roads with plenty of space to run. I had wondered what shoes I should  wear for this event as I’d heard parts of it were to be run on a golf course (trails?) but no, it was all tarmac so road shoes are definitely needed.

I enjoyed the open scenery as we ran, there was plenty of views and lots of geese picking over the plowed fields. I can imagine if the wind is up this could be a tough route as it is, at times, a touch exposed, yet we had perfect running weather. Bright sun, about 5 degrees and hardly any wind at all.

There were 3 or 4 water and gatorade stations and plenty of marshals too.


Your best memories from the race?

Trevor - I had a bit of a chuckle approaching the finish line with another runner. We looked up and saw the clock ticking to 1:54.xx and had to put in a little spurt of speed at the line to make sure we broke 1:55. That was a fun little moment to cap off the day. We met up with a few friends pre race and had a nice chat also. One small thing that really impressed me was that just after I finished, I went and sat down and noticed an email had just arrived on my phone. The email was from the race organizers showing me my chip time. This was remarkable considering I’d finished the race no more than 3 minutes before that. Technology, gotta love it!

Dave – Well, I felt that the course and conditions allowed me to run well and it’s always nice to run at your best, so that is a good memory for me. But really, the whole experience was a high point, the location, the views, the course, the venue, it was all superb.

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Where there any low points, or issues that need addressing?

Trevor - There weren’t ANY issues that I can think of. There was a bit of a hike from the parking area, but that actually served as a decent warmup.

Dave – It’s not often I say this, but none at all.

And how was the post-race experience?

Trevor - We were spoiled rotten! Angus Glen, you really know how to pamper your guests. We were each given a rather large locker with key in a very well appointed changeroom. There were showers for us post race which was a very nice change from the usual post race experience. We exited the changeroom and went straight to the massage table… heaven. Did I mention we were spoiled and pampered? The food was wonderful and they had packages available for all, including some vegetarians/vegans packages which included a delicious veggie wrap amongst other goodies. The facility itself is amazing. As home of the Canadian Open golf tournament, this place is first class through and through.

Dave – The free massage was so good! And before that, the food, the luxury of the hot shower and locker rooms, it all made for a great day. Note that if you want to have access to the locker rooms and showers, then you’ll need to reserve that at the time that you book your place in the race.


How would you sum up the race?

Trevor - After a few marathons in the preceeding weeks, a half marathon was quite welcome for me. The weather was sunny and a good temperature for a race and overall it was a perfect way to cap off the racing season; hopefully Angus Glen will allow us back next year.

Dave – A first rate event. Hilly, yes, but if the weather conditions are favourable then it’s a fast course too. The venue is great and the pre and post race experience brilliant. If you have a chance of taking part in this event, you must!

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